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In order to create exquisite outdoor spaces  T E M P E S T  believes it is fundamental to begin with a thoughtful design process which entails the selection of plant life and quality materials. 


Our specialist design and construction teams work collaboratively to ensure the vision of each project is carefully implemented. 


Founded in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales  T E M P E S T  has been operating for 15 years offering clients over 25 years of professional industry experience and more recently expanded to the Northern Suburbs of the Illawarra Region. 


Our inspiration stems from initial client consultations where we acquire an understanding of the needs of our client’s ultimate outdoor space, which may range from relaxed villa living to luxe residential resort, before establishing its relationship with architecture. 


T E M P E S T  POOLS proudly offers a complete service to suit the specific requirements of each individual project from concept design and planning to installation and construction.


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J O S H   C O R R E I A

Josh has been landscaping in the Southern Highlands for 25 years and founded  T E M P E S T during 2004. Passionate about creating outdoor spaces, he oversees every aspect of each project to ensure the highest quality standards are implemented. Josh is a qualified licensed Pool Builder and holds a Landscape Construction license. 

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S A R A   C O R R E I A

With a background in design Sara has been working in the creative industries for over 20 years. She has taught at private secondary schools, lectured at Universities and presented at state, national and global conferences around the world. Sara is passionate about sustainable futures and is able to incorporate innovative sustainability through design, planning and implementation. 

B C A D e s    A d v D I p F A    C e r t H o r t    G r a d D I p E d    M E d

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